Calabasas Cake and Cookie Company

Calabasas Cake & Cookie sought to build and launch—from the ground up—a new ecommerce website for its Stuft Eats® brand of gourmet cookies.  While established, the company was still in its early stages so costs needed to be controlled, and ongoing fees needed to be predictable.

As a both a business-to-consumer and a business-to-business brand,  the website had to be visually appealing for a wide audience and  functionally aligned with ecommerce best practices.

Furthermore, the client intended to manage the day-to-day operations of the ecommerce store.  As a result, it was critical that we chose a platform with a full suite of marketing and operational tools, an intuitive administration interface, and the ability to customize templates and enhance the functionality.  In response to these needs we settled on Bigcommerce, a hosted solution which also provides a full complement of hosting and technical support services coupled with the ability to scale as the business expands.

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