CrewBox is a mobile-first application that enables small business contractors and supervisors to better manage and communicate with their crews across multiple job sites or projects in order to save time and cost.  CrewBox captures each workday as it happens and intelligently organizes, timestamps, and geo-tags a crew’s activities, timesheets, tasks, and communications.


  • User and Competitive Research
  • Research Synthesis and Specifications
  • Wireframes and Prototypes
  • Visual Design

CrewBox is a project completed as a part of a User Experience Design class.  While Rich Abronson has been doing this kind of work for over two decades, he believes it important to ensure that his skills, techniques, and tools remain current with today’s best practices.

As such, CrewBox has its roots in a real app specification for a former business associate, but evolved in breadth and depth to match the class project requirements.  Nevetheless, the research and deliverables are real, and the project was approached as something that might actually be built and be competitive in the marketplace.

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